upcoming activities



10 July-14 July, 2017

Wylie Inn

Beverly, MA, USA



6 February, 2017

French American Int'l School

in San Francisco




Heading up an International School?

Join hundreds of colleagues from around the world.

As the only organization created by and for school and deputy heads, AISH prides itself on being the go-to community that keeps its membership informed, connected and leading.

AISH was established in 1999 by current and former international school heads and several international organizations serving schools around the world to provide a professional 'community'. Members collaborate, offer advice and support, share best practice and define areas of advocacy. Join us and experience how AISH can help you do your job better and feel connected and supported in the process. 

We will learn together.
We will collaborate and support each other.
We will keep each other "ahead of the curve."
And we will have fun!

 "AISH helps me do my job better.  I feel connected and supported by my colleagues who truly understand the awesome challenges and opportunities I have on a daily basis as a leader at the helm.  I thank AISH for the culture of collaboration, trust and honest discourse." 

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