AISH's Leadership Resource/ Standards of Excellence for International School Heads

The overall purpose of the Leadership Resource is to make a difference for students’ learning through the leadership of the Head of School. It is grounded in AISH’s mission and vision to serve International School Heads through focused advocacy, support, and professional development.

The Resource is a self-reflective tool to assess performance, identify areas for growth, setgoals and note development over time. We believe that a continuously improving process encourages growth and self-regulation,a hallmark of every profession.

The Resource consists of:

  • Standards of Excellence with Indicators
  • Research Citations
  • Examples of Evidence
  • Artifacts Submitted by International Heads of School
  • Alignment with Accreditation Protocol, for Participating Agencies


               CIS (Council of International Schools)

               Middle States Association


View the Leadership Resource Here

AISH Standards

Click on the links below to view the individual modules:

Module 1: Mission for Learning

Module 2: Governance

Module 3: Human & Organizational Development

Module 4: Operations & Resource Management

Module 5: School-Home-Community Partnerships

Module 6: Professional Accountability

Contribute an Artifact as Evidence by completing this form and sending to  Artifact Submission Form