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Become an AISH Advisor to Design and Lead Professional Learning

You’re invited to be part of a groundbreaking team of module designers and presenters, a new AISH learning initiative to further our members’ leadership development. We’re partnering with Global Online Academy (GOA), and need your help creating our new online learning materials, created by Heads for Heads. As part of our AISH Advisory Team, you will participate in an online Learning Design Course. Afterwards, you will collaborate with other advisors and GOA to develop the online modules at a Learning Design Bootcamp July 12-14, in Boulder, Colorado (directly after Summer Seminar). The modules will launch for AISH members in early 2020.

Description of an AISH Advisor

  • Well respected, experienced Head or Deputy Head of an International School (sitting or retired)
  • Ability to connect with an audience and communicate ideas well in writing and on video
  • Experienced in the challenges of international schools and able to bring about systemic change in schools
  • Successful coach/mentor and eager to have more experiences
  • Excellent collaborator
  • Has AISH’s mission in their heart

Q and A

What will be the benefits for AISH Advisors?

  • Be part of a groundbreaking team that supports transformational change in international schools and the growth of school leaders
  • Enhance skills, build your resume, and have exciting opportunities related to designing online learning, video presence and coaching
  • Make strong connections with other international leaders and know you are contributing to making a difference
  • Be the “face” of AISH’s modules, reaching an international audience of educational leaders

What will be the content of the modules?

What will be the format of the modules?

  • We will produce targeted and differentiated modules that are cost-effective and available regardless of international location or work schedule.
  • Videos will take two forms: skills modules and impact modules. Skills modules will be short (15 minutes) versions of the impact modules. Impact modules will address the same challenge but participants will go into greater depth by developing a goal to address the challenge, trying out strategies and reflecting upon success. Participants will receive coaching from an AISH Advisor and they will participate in an online forum with other leaders.

If I am chosen as an AISH Advisor, how much of my time will it take?

There will be three times during 2019 when time will be needed from AISH Advisors. Each is described below:

  • GOA will provide an online mini-course for AISH Advisors which will take approximately five hours of time in February/March 2019. Participants will be able to participate asynchronously. The course will provide information about designing and producing quality online learning, including a Learning Design Toolkit. AISH Advisors will contribute content, such as examples, case studies and resources to GOA’s instructional designers to use in module production.
  • Advisors will spend approximately 5-10 hours contributing content virtually in March/April 2019. AISH Advisors will attend the Learning Design Bootcamp July 12-14, 2019. During this time AISH Advisors will co-design storyboards for the modules and do some of the filming. Advisors will stay at Eagle Rock School in Estes Park CO.

How many people will be chosen as AISH Advisors?

  • Five to seven people will be in the select group of AISH Advisors.

If I am chosen as an AISH Advisor, will I be paid?

  • AISH will pay for room, food and transportation in Colorado (but not to Colorado) for the Design Bootcamp. We hope that AISH Advisors will already be coming to Summer Seminar in Boulder 7-11 July and the Bootcamp will take place directly after it.
  • AISH will provide professional development for designing and producing cutting edge online learning free of charge to AISH Advisors. Included in this will be skill building in presentation skills, coaching and consulting.
  • AISH will pay an honorarium of US$1000 in July 2019 to offset costs incurred for the module production.
  • When the module is released, AISH Advisors will have the first option to be the online learning facilitator for the course (paid).
  • AISH Advisors will be able to independently contract with course participants outside of the modules as a coach or consultant.

Interested? We hope so!


Link to: Global Online Academy (GOA)