Leadership Legacy

A Mentor/Mentee Program for New Heads of International Schools

Do you ever wish that you could call a “veteran” Head of School for advice?  Or wish for a trusted colleague who “has been in your shoes” to ask an opinion about an issue?

You might be in the first year of a headship or have just been named to the helm position at an international school for next school year.  Whatever your situation, we would like to have experienced support available for those who request it. The Academy for International School Heads (AISH) and the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE) have teamed together to offer a mentor/mentee program.

The mentors are AISH and AAIE members who are experienced international school heads that have volunteered to assist mentees.  They will be available, free of charge, via skype, email or phone for one calendar year.  The two of you will work out the specifics of communication, based on characteristics of successful mentoring projects from consultant Stephen Barkley. 

Should you wish to participate and be selected, we will send you a survey, with questions about preference.  For example, you may prefer to be paired with a mentor who is especially skilled in finance, strategic planning or boardsmanship.  You may prefer to work with a retired head that has a wealth of experience, or one who has been at a particular type of international school (size, geographic area, governance structure).  We will do our best to find the right match for you.

If you are interested in having a mentor, contact Deb Welch at office@academyish.org for an application.   If you are interested in mentoring, also contact Deb at the same address.