What is AISH?
... for heads, by heads

A Message from the CEO

If you are the Head or Deputy Head of an International School, then the Academy for International School Heads (AISH) is a vital organization for you to join because of the support given to you to succeed in your position.

As a former deputy head and head of international schools, I can sincerely say that the affiliation with a group of peers is essential. All individual members are virtually connected via a forum on our internal website. Averaging five questions out to the community/day during the school year, colleagues post responses and members get “just in time” information from trusted resources.

Responses are posted, along with other valuable resources such as sample policies and procedures, on a members’ only internal resource bank with a powerful search engine.

Our bi-monthly blog, Head2Head, focuses on a theme of relevance for international school heads and our seminars and workshops, such as “Oasis” and “Summer Seminar” are on the cutting edge of learning and leading.

We take the responsibility of preparing future heads of school seriously by offering the “Institute for New and Aspiring Heads,” sponsoring mentor/mentee and coaching programs, and developing the” Standards of Excellence for International School Heads.”

As a nonprofit organization created in 1999, by heads and for heads, we have a self-perpetuating board drawn from our individual members.

And it is the membership that makes this organization what it is. Heads of different nationalities, spread across the world, linked together with a common purpose of helping one another succeed as leaders of schools to make a positive difference in the world. The spirit in the organization is one of support, wisdom and warmth. I encourage you to check us out and experience the benefits of being affiliated with a group of peers who share the same vision and commitment to international education and will support you to succeed.

Deborah Welch

Deborah Welch, Ph.D.
CEO, Academy for International School Heads