The Supporting Membership is open organizations and companies that support International School Heads and Deputy/Assistant Heads.


      ◾ Annual Supporting Membership Fee: $750 USD
      ◾ Valid 1 September 2018 - 31 August 2019
      ◾ Multiple year memberships now available

Contact the AISH office to JOIN AISH!


  • You have the ability to provide an ad to all AISH members on the internal members only website via a Supporting Members forum.


  • Your organization’s logo with a link to your website is displayed on AISH’s website.
  • Your organization is listed in AISH publications for all conferences and seminars. You are also able to provide members with flyers and materials from your organization at these functions.


  • You can attend selected Academy events, including the annual meeting.
  • You are offered the option of sponsoring a speaker or activity at one of AISH’s events.