Stress of the Headship—No Quick Fixes, but…

Stress is a fact of life for the Head of School. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes for how to minimize the pressures of the position and experience less stress. However, this issue features AISH members and guest authors that offer different approaches that have empowered them to handle stress in positive ways. Read on for a set of “self-care” practices to keep the stress from taking over.

Brent Mutsch pix.jpg

“In determining our passions and committing to pursue them with consistency and regularity, we model for others the importance of caring for ourselves.”

Brent Mutsch, Head Emeritus of five international schools, speaks to a challenge that changed his life—running his first marathon at age 60. He just completed the NY Marathon and addresses what running has come to mean to him.

Campbell photo.jpg

“We need a better way, and the good news is that there is a rigorously studied, science-based, proven method to help you and leaders like you experience less stress.”

Michael Campbell, Senior Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership and guest author, offers that traditional approaches to stress management have failed us because they don’t address the fundamental question of what is stress.

Paul Richards photo.jpg

“Success in our role as school leaders need not be mutually exclusive with good health and happiness.”

Paul Richards, Superintendent at Dubai American School, illustrates how the core leadership team at one school engaged in mindful leadership to transition its new superintendent and others into the new school year.